Frozen Yogurt Cupcake

Freeze your favorite yogurt parfait and there you have this healthy and yummy frozen yogurt cupcake in no time. I always have a stock in my freezer to beat the summer heat. It is not just pretty to look at, but also a right blend of natural sweetness from honey, crunch from the chopped cashew nuts, and the citric-sweet flavor from the kiwi. you can be creative and use whatever you have in your fruit basket or in your kitchen shelves. I have used a cupcake mold for the shape.

Prep time – 2 minutes
Freezing time – 1 hour
Serves – 5 cupcakes

Ingredients :

170gms Greek Yogurt (you can use a regular yogurt too)
2 tbsp. Honey
30gms chopped Cashew Nuts
1 Kiwi

Recipe :

  • Mix the Yogurt, Honey and cashew Nuts together (add more honey, for that extra sweetness if you like).
  • Fill the cupcake moulds with the yogurt mixture using a spoon. Cut slices of kiwi and place on top of the yogurt as shown in the picture or the way you want to set them.
  • If you are using paper cupcake moulds, it is better to place the paper cupcake moulds in a muffin baking tin to prevent the yogurt to fall and helps retain the shape. Cover and Freeze for about an hour or until its formed well.

You can stock them up for about 10 days in the freezer and enjoy these low-calorie, healthy frozen cupcakes at any time for your sweet tooth craving. Please let me know in the comments section if you like the recipe and share more ideas with me via contact me on the homepage 🙂

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