Egg-Avocado Breakfast

Start your day with a vibrant plate of creamy avocado and a perfect sunny side up with some grilled bacon on a green salad bed. Now that sounds a lot, however, I promise it won’t take more than 5-7 mins to make this breakfast plate 🙂

Calories – 220c
Prep time – 2 minutes
Cook time – 5 minutes
Serves – 2

Ingredients :

1 Avocado (half per plate)
2 Egg
2 Bacon Strips
Handful Salad Leaves
Seasoning (salt, pepper, dill herb, capers, and black sesame)

Recipe :

  • Make a quick egg fry (you can cook it the way you prefer, I have done a quick fry with runny yolk). Cook the bacon strips in the same pan next to the egg.
  • Drizzle your choice of salad dressing on the salad leaves.
  • Peel and cut the avocado.
  • Place the salad leaves and bacon in a plate, place the cooked egg on it and garnish with some pepper, salt, dill herb and capers (optional)
  • Place the cut avocado and sprinkle some black sesame seeds and a dash of lemon juice.

Enjoy this substantial plate of breakfast, you can have this with or without a slice of bread. I would be happy to read your comments or thoughts for the same 🙂

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