Prawn Basil Canapé

Canapés always make a perfect starter or quick bites. It is not only an easy dish but healthy too. You can make canapé with whatever you have left in your fridge. Bring it all together and get creative. You are not limited to just prawn or simply skip prawns and make it a meat-free one too 🙂

Calories – 40c per canape
Prep time – 5 minutes
Cook time – 5 minutes

Ingredients :

2 Cucumber (for 2 servings)
Prawns (one per canape, depends on how many you want to make)
Cherry Tomato
Basil Leaves
Mozzarella Cheese (small round one preferably, or the cut pieces are just fine as well)
Guacamole or a piece of Avocado (optional)

Recipe :

  • Steam-cook prawns with pinch of salt and pepper for about 2-3 minutes
  • Cut round slices of cucumber (medium, not too thin or thick). Add guacamole or a small piece of Avocado (optional)
  • Place a piece of prawn. Place mozzarella cheese (cut into half if it is too big)
  • Place cherry tomato (cut into half if it is too big) Place a basil leaf
  • Prick in a cocktail stick or a toothpick to hold all together. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar just before serving (optional)

Cook to impress with this refreshing starter full of basil aroma and freshness from cherry tomatoes.
If you have some more ideas to share with me please get in touch via contact me 🙂

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