Black-Eyed Peas in Coconut Milk with Grilled Sea Bass and Spiced Pineapple

The thought of ‘Tropical Food’ makes me drool. The blend of fruits, spices, vegetables, and meat is the specialty of tropical cuisine. Some of the common tropical fruits are Mango and Pineapple, which enhance the taste and aroma of the food. This dish has been tried and tested by my family and friends, and it is always a hit. I have used a store-bought coconut milk can, but you can use a fresh one if available easily. I am excited to share with you a simple and delicious tropical meal here. Please keep in mind, to soak the peas for about 30 mins and I have used a pressure cooker for the peas, to reduce my cooking time and ensure the peas are cooked well. You can cook the beans in a normal saucepan. However, the cooking time will be 10 minutes longer.

Calories – 350c
Prep time – 30 minutes (to soak the peas, marinate the fish and pineapple)
Cook time – 15 minutes
Serves – 2

Ingredients :

200gms Black Eyed Peas
2 Fish Fillets (I have used Dory, you can use any)
1 180gms Pineapple Can (you can use fresh too)
150ml Thick Coconut Milk
2 Tbsp Ginger-Paste Paste
1 medium-size Onion
1 medium-size Tomato
2 Green or Red Chillies
Seasoning (black pepper powder, cumin powder, red chili flakes, curry powder, lemon juice, turmeric powder, and salt to taste)
Garnish (chopped coriander/cilantro)

Recipe :

  • Marinate the fish with 1 Tbsp ginger-garlic paste, 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 1 Tsp black pepper powder,1 Tsp Red chili flakes, and 1 Tbsp olive oil for about 15 mins.
    Marinate pineapple slices with a dash of red chili flakes and black pepper powder for 5 minutes.
  • Post that, grill the fish in an oven or the griller for about 10 minutes or until cooked. To the same sheet, add pineapple slices to grill for about 2 minutes more. (Or you can also pan-fry the fish and cook both sides, and add pineapple slices to the pan just 1 minute before switching off the stove)
  • Meanwhile in a pressure cooker, add 2 Tbsp oil, chopped onion, chopped green chilies, and 1 Tbsp ginger-garlic paste. Sautee until golden and fragrant.
  • Add chopped tomato, 1 Tsp black pepper powder, 1 Tsp cumin powder, 1 Tsp turmeric powder, 1 Tsp curry powder, 1 Tsp red chili flakes, and salt to taste. Give all this a good stir and cook until the tomato is soft.
  • Add the drained black-eyed peas and give a good stir.
    Add thick 150ml Coconut milk, Add 150 ml plain water close the cooker lid, and cook until 3 whistles or 10 minutes. After carefully opening the cooker lid, check if the peas are tender.
    Garnish with chopped coriander

Serve the rich black-eyed peas in coconut milk with the fish fillet and the spicy pineapple on the side. So easy and full of tropical flavors! my mouth is watering already while I write this recipe. Please do let me know if you like this recipe and share more ideas with me via contact me on the homepage.

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