Shakshouka with Pumpkin Seeds

Shakshouka is a Maghrebi/ Egyptian dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, peppers, onion, and garlic, commonly spiced with cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper. I have added some Pumpkin Seeds to the dish to make it a little crunchy and appetizing. I have made a simple and basic shakshouka like any other. This breakfast is delicious because of the blend of egg yolk and aromatic cooked spices.

Calories – 200c
Prep time – 2 minutes
Cook Time – 10 minutes
Serves – 2

Ingredients :
2 Eggs
1 medium-size Onion
1 large Tomato
3 Garlic Cloves
1 medium Bell Pepper (optional)
2 Green Chilies (optional)
1Tsp Lemon Juice
Seasoning (salt, bell pepper, cumin powder, cayenne pepper powder/red chili powder)
Garnish (chopped coriander and pumpkin seeds)

Recipe :

  • In a skillet heat 3 Tbsp Olive Oil, add minced garlic, chopped green chilies, and chopped onion. Once brown and fragrant, add sliced bell pepper and finely chopped tomato. Add 1Tsp black pepper powder, 1Tbsp cumin powder, 1Tsp cayenne powder/red chili powder, 1Tsp lemon juice, and salt to taste. Mix well and cook until a thick-liquidy aromatic paste is formed.
  • Break open 2 eggs next to each other on the paste and cover the skillet with a lid for 2 minutes or until the eggs are poached/half fried.
    Garnish with chopped coriander and pumpkin seeds and serve immediately.

Enjoy this dish with a toasted Sourdough or any bread of your choice. I hope you enjoy this dish and add variety to your breakfast table. Please do share more ideas with me via contact me on the homepage.

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