Leek Stir-fry in Coconut Milk

Leeks are like stem or stalk. Mostly just the white and light green parts are eaten. They have a sweet, oniony flavor that adds depth to soups, stews, pasta, and more! I have made a delicious stir-fry that I learned from my mother-in-law from Srilanka. Coconut Milk is purely optional in this dish. I have tried with and without coconut milk, both taste amazing. This is prepared in exactly 10 minutes and is great as a side dish in any cuisine. Do give this a try and I promise, you will make it again.

Calories – 80c
Prep Time – 2 minutes
Cook time – 8 minutes
Serves – 2

Ingredients :

1 Leek Stem
3 Garlic Cloves
2 Green Chilies
4Tbsp Coconut Milk (optional)
Seasoning (salt, black pepper powder, red chili flakes, and a dash of lemon juice)

Recipe :

  • Cut the leek into fine pieces. Heat 2Tbsp oil in a pan, and add chopped garlic cloves and green chilies. Once fragrant, add the chopped leeks.
  • Add salt to taste, 1Tsp black pepper powder, 1Tbsp Red chili flakes, and 1Tsp lemon Juice.
    Stire well, Add 4Tbsp coconut milk (optional) or 4Tbsp water to create steam. Mix all well and cover the lid to cook for about 7 mins.
  • Adjust the taste of the spices according to your liking.

Serve this dish as a side or enjoy it just the way it is with a slice of bread. Do let me know if you like this recipe and share more ideas with me via contact me on the homepage.

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